Newsies for Life

Being in such a small competitive news program, you get to know everyone and everything they accomplish. In my opinion, our class happens to be amazing because we are all so friendly and competitive but in a positive way, pushing each other to apply for XYZ internships and jobs in Timbuktu. I’ve made some really great friends through this program! And there’s definitely been some shining stars that always catch my attention!

Sport wiz Daniel Gillman¬†is your GO-TO guy for anything sports… no seriously he literally knows everything. Definitely check out his blog for some inspiration because he is on top of his game always! Speaking of being on top of things, Nestor Montoya, is one of the hardest working reporters I’ve ever met! I KNOW for a fact, this guy will be doing big things in his career in the next years coming up. Aside being hilarious and always chismoseando with me (us Miami people can’t help it), he is really one of the most passionate people I have ever met! Check out his blog to see him in action!

Lastly, Olivia Courtney, is someone you should definitely get advice from! This hardworking gem got to intern and Channel 10 last summer and is always ready to go and report! Aside being extremely smart, she’s one of the friendliest people I know!

Happy to say these are my fellow partners in the newsroom and lucky to be surrounded by hardworking students that push me to keep going!


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