Friends that Feel Good Together… Stay Together

So like I previously said in a few of my blog posts, health and fitness are so important to me!! And I’m lucky and privileged to say that I’m surrounded by friends that appreciate health and working out as well!

I love knowing that I can always count on Alexis Geffin to be my gym partner! Aside being one of my besties and a fellow newsie, this chick lives by one motto and a great one… “look good, lift good”. This bombshell enjoys working out and eating the healthiest and yummiest foods out there! We’re #blessed this fitness guru has shared some of her recipes and workouts on her blog so go check them out! Trust me… you WILL feel the burn, but you’ll look good after. Keep up with both of our blogs as we travel to Spain this summer and go on newsy adventures (and mile long runs by the beach).

Another nutrition addict also happens so be another one of my best friends, Zoe Haugen. This down to earth gal offers amazing information about the importance of nutrition and eating right. Although we all want to lose a few pounds, we must do it the right way.

Lastly, check out my friend Andrea-Newport Jones‘s blog about food and fitness. She is honestly one of THE funniest people I have ever met and I promise you will have a fun time reading her informative yet hilarious blog posts.

Us newsies always stick together! And I’m glad I have friends by my side that value health and nutrition as much as I do!




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