So to take a little break from talking about so much health, I’ll tell you guys a little about me! My name is Agustina Buedo but absolutely no one calls me that so basically my real name is Aggie Buedo. I’m Argentinean but live in Miami, Fl and am so thankful for that because the food is absolutely amazing. I’m currently a junior at the University of Florida double-majoring in Telecommunications-News and Spanish Language. I’m a student-athlete here and have been on the Dazzlers Dance Team for two years now. I also work for WUFT news as a multimedia reporter.

Aside my passion for dance and news, I love being healthy and working out. Now, as a college student that sometimes becomes a challenge because of time, money, and partying concerns but I have somehow found a way to make it work. Exercising every day even for 8 minutes really does make a difference in your life. But what I really like to push and emphasize is the importance of mental wellness. Being in college is scary. It’s intimidating, wild, and for the first time most of us are on our own. My freshman year I experienced really bad anxiety, something I had NEVER in my life experienced before. It was really scary and I honestly thought I was losing my mind. After being introduced to yoga and mediating I was quickly able to take my anxiety and control it the way I wanted it to be controlled.

Also, freshman year I luckily didn’t gain the “Freshman 15” but I did notice a change in my body. I ate way less healthy than I previously had in my life and noticed the effects right away: sluggishness, fatigue, feeling faint. It was something I never want to feel again which is why I also think eating right is highly important for college students. No matter how tight the budget may seem there are plenty of ways to work around it!! Just stay away from the cheap fast food that should basically be called poison for your body… there’s a reason it’s so inexpensive and those reasons are not good.



9 thoughts on “Biography

  1. Love this! I went through the same thing freshman year because I was eating so different from what my mo used to cook. Even if you aren’t gaining weight, I think fitness is super important and can even change your mood.


  2. Nice blog Aggie! I totally understand what you are talking about with being in college and finding a balance with fitness, mental wellness and nutrition. I will be sure to refer back to this blog when I find myself having a hard time getting back on track.


  3. Aggie,
    Your blog is awesome! I’m always looking for new ways to eat better and stay in shape, so your page is definitely on I’ll keep up with.


  4. I love your blog, Aggie!!!! It is so nice to see someone who has the same passion as me in terms of health and fitness. I especially loved your post about detox water. You can bet I’ll be making some ASAP! 🙂


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