Preparing for the Future

As a college student, and like most, I’m constantly stressing about the future, graduation, and getting a job. The most important thing in college is to set goals, and have the drive and ambition to complete them. No matter how hard or far away they seem. As a Telecommunications-News major, I’m hoping to enter the broadcasting field. When people google my name, Agustina Buedo, my website, work, and linkedIn pop up showcasing my resume, skills, and all the hands on work I’ve gotten done at WUFT News, the station in Gainesville. Even a small step, such as someone googling your name, can lead to big things. Last summer, I was able to get an internship after applying to a PR firm. My supervisor later told me that after I applied she immediately googled my name and saw all the work I had done for WUFT news and online and that she was extremely impressed and that was what had led her to pass me onto the interview process. Regardless, an online presence is very important, as long as it’s good.  One last thing, you should always be conscious about what is out there in public!

Speaking of stress, on days where I spend endless hours in the newsroom, I sometimes forget to eat which is so bad!! No matter how stressful or busy your schedule is, nutrition should always come first! Even if it means eating a little snack like a quest bar. These bad babies are filled with protein and will keep you full for hours! You are nourishing your body and supplying it with the energy it needs with just that one bar! Also packing snacks like fruits and nuts is something I always recommend to people. Don’t ever forget to eat!!


One thought on “Preparing for the Future

  1. I agree completely! News shifts really get to me, too (as you know) especially on days when stories fall through, and we have to focus on meeting deadlines, and forget to take a bite or sip of water. But, even if its writing a script or editing a package – we should be able to squeeze in a snack here and there. So I think we’re on the right track, it’s basically just remembering and staying consistent.


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