Importance of Stretching

Working out is extremely beneficial for your body, but only if you do it correctly. While planning to workout, you should ALWAYS plan on stretching either before or after the workout. Both would be even better. Stretching is extremely beneficial for your muscles and your body. Aside letting your muscles breathe and relax, it improves blood flow, reduces soreness, and prepares your body for recovery.However, mediocre stretching won’t help. Just 5 minutes before working out and 10 minutes after can work wonders for your body. Take the time to hold each stretch and really feel it in your muscles. Do the proper poses, even if they are a little painful. The more you stretch, the easier your muscles will heal and the more flexible you will become!

Finding stretches online is really easy! Youtube has a bunch I would recommend. I also have a video I made a while ago with an easy stretching guide! My friends love it and I personally do it all the time. Also, if you can get one, a foam roller will be your BEST FRIEND… especially after leg day. A lot of people don’t think stretching does anything but try a foam roll and you will see the difference.


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