So obviously, I try to promote health as much as I possibly can on my blog! Why? Because being healthy should be everyone’s top priority! Your body is just like a machine… it needs fuel, tune-ups, and constant attention. The way we fuel our bodies should be with “premium” foods, definitely NOT junk food (there’s a reason they call it junk!!). Fruits, vegetables, protein, and premium carbohydrates are definitely your best friends. Chips, fried things, and grease… your frenemies. Yes, they taste great but they are absolutely terrible for your body.

Being healthy basically requires three things: news, recipes, and exercises. I LOVE reading new articles about health, fitness, and food. They are really interesting for the most part! A lot of the times, things you might think are healthy really are not and vice versa. I like to educate myself on the topic and I do this by going online and reading *VALID* articles; by valid I mean not some dieting site trying to promote it’s product. Health magazines also offer pages with varieties of workouts and recipes! Now, with social media, you can even follow magazine accounts and general health accounts to keep up with the latest health trends! It’s easy to do and we are constantly surrounded by it, all we need is the drive and determination and it’s as easy as that. Plus, when you think about it, it’s a win win: if we eat healthy, we feel good and we look good. What more could anyone want!



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