Don’t Make Me Think – Review

There’s a motto that states the best things in life, are the simple things; this is the point Steven Krug is trying to make in his book “Don’t Make Me Think” which explains how to optimally design a website. I think Krug makes an excellent point throughout his book, which is that people don’t like not knowing what to do and that clarity is key. As I was reading, I found myself thinking “oh wow this so true, I do this all the time and so do my friends” so it’s safe to say, Krug knows what he is talking about. People don’t read every word on an entire web page, they scan through things that catch their eye, so when designing a page, the goal should be for users to “’get it’ without thinking about it” (Krug 18). One main point Krug explains that I think is of high importance is that creating effective visual hierarchies will make it easier for a user to navigate through the page and find the most important information quickly. This makes perfect sense and I personally hate finding myself on messy and disorganized websites, I don’t even take the time to read through them because they are so overwhelming. This goes hand in hand with the fact that users like mindless choices and the less they have to think, the better it is for the user and for whoever created the page. The less words there are on a page, the better; Krug says “get rid of half the words on each page, then get rid of half of what’s left” (49). This will make the page more significant because it will be less cluttered and what’s left will mean more. In regards to navigation, Krug taught that it is important to help the user find whatever they are looking for and tell the user where they are. Every page should also have a similar format, for example: the name in the same place and a matching theme. Home pages should accomplish a list of goals that include having a search box, hierarchy, and shortcuts among other things. Lastly, with the advancing technology, sites need to learn to adapt. Having a mobile web page is basically a necessity nowadays. Basically, for a website to be successful, a web designer must simplify things for users. It should be easy, obvious, effortless, and most importantly it shouldn’t require much thinking from the user. I really enjoyed reading this book because it taught me a lot about what to do and what to avoid when building a web site. By making a website easy to navigate, more users will be attracted and come back to use the page. Keeping a simple theme, things ordered, and the title of things noticeable as well as an organized hierarchy will help users find or search what they are looking for in a quick manner and they won’t mind doing it. Too much text is a big problem in websites, the less text the better. Krug’s book was really useful in explaining how to build a great website and his use of analogies and diagrams really facilitated in understanding his explanations.


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