Mindful Meditation

Stress. Everyone experiences it at some point in their lives. For students, it’s fairly common. Parents and people with jobs? They probably experience it even more. Being stressed out is not something people usually enjoy and the best part about it, it’s totally avoidable.

I was definitely one of those people who got stressed over every tiny thing in my life: what I was going to eat for lunch, when I was going to work out, where I was going to hang out with my friends, etc. Being so stressed all the time really had a negative effect on me both physically and mentally. Physically, I either over-ate or couldn’t eat at all. Mentally, my mind was uneasy and unrested all the time which affected my sleeping and also my schoolwork. After many years of trying to overcome this I finally found something that works: meditation.

There’s this common misconception that someone has to be a monk or Buddhist to meditate and “take your mind somewhere else”. This is false… anyone can meditate if they want too. It takes a few minutes of your day, some concentration, and your desire to do it. I started meditating once a day and it has forever changed my life. I usually do it in the mornings right when I wake up. I sit on my balcony criss-crossed on the floor, close my eyes, and let my mind take over. This means: no thinking about school, work, relationships, money, or any other things that usually cause stress. I feel the sun on my face, and think about absolutely nothing. This is meditating. It clears your mind, calms your body, and makes you feel at ease. I usually spend either 5-10 minutes doing this and it makes the world of a difference. For the remainder of the day I feel relaxed and motivated to conquer my tasks for the day, one at a time, with no stress.


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