Grocery Shopping

Going to the grocery store is really tricky, especially if you’re hungry when you go. Here’s some tips on how to make the right choices and make sure you’re not overbuying food.

  1. It’s really helpful to go grocery shopping after having eaten a meal. Most of the time, if you’re hungry and go buy food you’ll come back home with too much of it and might be easily tempted by unhealthy options.
  2. Make a list at home. Before I leave my house I always make sure to have a list with me and usually stick to it so I don’t get sidetracked by those mouthwatering donuts and brownies that seem to follow me around the store.
  3. PVF is the motto. Protein. Veggies. Fruits. Try staying away from snacks like chips, cookies, and bread. Yes, I know it’s hard but there are many healthier alternatives. If you’re a snacker like I am, choose raw almonds, rice cakes, or edamame crackers instead of munching on some (delicious but so unhealthy) potato chips. These alternatives taste just as great and are actually good for you!
  4. Remember to eat with your stomach and not your eyes. People get overwhelmed at grocery stores sometimes and come back with groceries that will last a month… which is not ok because fruits and veggies don’t last that long. It’s ok to stock up on protein which you can freeze and other items like almonds and pasta because those don’t go bad. Just remember when you buy fruits and veggies, buy an amount you would be able to eat in a matter of 5-7 days.
  5. Lastly, if you go to the store with a list, you basically have an idea of what you’ll be eating for the week, which is great. I usually buy 1 pack of chicken breasts (comes with 4 breasts), 1 pack of fish (2 fillets) and maybe some ground turkey that will usually last me about three servings. This is enough for me for breakfast and lunch about 5-6 days of the week! After picking my protein I just choose my sides which usually include a serving of veggies and maybe some brown rice or quinoa and then some fruit to snack on.

Try following these tips next time you go grocery shopping and see how much they help! Aside being healthier and more organized, the shopping goes by way faster since you already know what you need.



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